Jackson Hole, Wyoming 2016.

     I immediately pulled out my camera and began photographing every buffalo within distance of my 300mm lens. Just from sitting in the car with my camera I was able to get some pretty crisp photos. So, I decided to step out of the car and try to stay unseen by the Park Ranger keeping an eye out. I made my way up the road where I had seen other lone buffalo stray from the herd. I was walking along side the treeline and heard some leaves cracking not far from me. I turned towards the sound and was no further than fifteen feet away from a full-sized bull. Without hesitation, I took as many photos as I could before it heard my shutter and noticed I was a little too close for comfort. After I got about five photos, the bull charged and I have never run faster.

     I was able to produce three photos that truly captivated the feelings from that moment in Yellowstone. It was a moment that I will never forget as a young photographer. (The first and sixth photo are two of them from that moment).